I’m Constant Munkala from the Republic Democratic of Congo/DRC, I’ve been in South Africa for four months since the first of August. When I arrived in Capt Town I didn’t speek, listen and understand English enough, after two weeks I came to Scalabrini Center and I began learned English until now, I’m learning. About my self, I think my English is improving because when I was in Congo I didn’t speak English. Let’s me write something about my life: I was born in Congo, in Kinshasa the 27of March and I studied in Technical Institute and I’ve done Electronique Industrial , after my studying I began working in a Radio Station , it was good for me to take the first salary. After I received the call from my God and then I write to the Scalabrini Missionary but I didn’t receive the answers only but with my patience, I waited for a year. After that I received the answer  positively from there I left my country to South Africa for my answer to God so I’m studying for three years in Philosophy and then I can go to continues my studying where ever.

-Constant Munkala, Elementary I student at Scalabrini


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