Benjamin’s thoughts on Scalabrini

My name is Benjamin Muela-Kayemba. I’m an English student at Scalabrini centre in pre-intermediate II.  I’m from DRC and I’m 28 years old. I’ve been living in South Africa for thirteen moths.

Dears brothers, sisters and friends, French and other language speakers, you always need to learn, improve and get in on English, here is a good news for you, it’s about Scalabrini. Scalabrini is a refugees centre. It has been inaugurated since 4th June 2003 here in Cape Town and is situated at commercial street 47 not so far from the parlement building of cape town

How can I be regsitrated and how much money have I to pay? would you ask yourself. The registration at Scalabrini centre is simple. Just arrive at Scalabrini address above and see Ms. Daniela. She will solve your problem. The registration and studies at Scalabrini are free. Do you need more details? Call Scalabrini at 0214656433.

Indeed, the next studies will begin on February 1st, 2010. Don’t hesitate, Scalabrini will help you to improve your English and give you knowlodge, which will allow you to get in in English speaking wold. That will give you more chance to get a better job and to be able to face what kind of studies, not only here in South Africa but also where ever you will go. Don’t hesitate, come you will find more than what you are expecting and will be surprised at Scalabrini.

I’m very happy with Scalabrini because it helped me to enrich my vocabulary, learn more about grammar. In short to get in on my English. Many thanks to all Scalabrini’s team in general and to Ms. Daniela in particular to have accepted me as a student in Scalabrini centre. At the same time, I’m asking you if you would mind registrating me for next year, to Mr Rupert, my teacher to have been ready and on time to teach me and for this knowlodge you have given me. At last, I invite each person, who will read this to hurry up and to come and be registrated for next year and to give this invitation to others. Hurry up, the places are limited and remember: “the early bird catches the worm”.


Benjamin Muela-Kayemba, Pre-Intermediate II student at Scalabrini


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