World AIDS Day report

Scalabrini Counselling Intern, Sanet Liebenberg, reports back:
On World AIDS day we handed out flyers and condoms (provided by Health for Men) to clients of Scalabrini and at some points on the street. We also put up some informative posters in SCCT. These were to give awareness to people about the devastating effects of Stigma regarding people with HIV -that stigma is the number one reason why people don’t get tested, take ARV’s or disclose their status to a partner which results in the disease spreading and people dying unnecessarily. Also to break down some myths about cures for HIV and the facts contradicting these myths.
We organised a table outside a DVD shop in Rheede street (just off Kloof street) where our HIV support group could sell their own hand-made products. They also handed out flyers and spoke to people about HIV. Personnel, English students, the support group members and some of our clients were presented with an HIV ribbon to wear.
Then we did an HIV awareness with our most vulnerable group who come for the Soup Kitchen & Development Programme and some of the English students. We again informed them of the effects and causes of stigma and how they can be broken down, and provided some facts about HIV transmission routes.

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