A Letter from Fostin

Dear Bordeaux,

Hi, I am very happy about this letter, I want to told you about my life. I was borin in 1969 in D.R.Congo, so I was learn in primaire school and High school. When I finished High school I got qualification to mechanics. Now I had look the job, after that I had the job in Diamond Company, then I was driver, the big truck, so in March 1997 I was getting married, so I was going to wedding because I’m Jehovah’s Witness, then in December 1997 we’ve the first son. That time my life was very better there. In for my country I worked for Diamond Company. Ten years we’ve five children. After that the economics changed for my country, it’s down and the government.

In January 2006 now I’ve told my wife about my travel for South Africa for look the job, in 23 June 2006 I left my country for South Africa. In 26 June I was come to South Africa, then I travel by airport and bus from Zambia to South Africa, so I lfet my family. I think next year I bring my family to South Africa, but the time I was coming to this country I don’t know any word for English, then I have learning many centre for English but my English it was wrong. When I was coming to learn Scalabrini English is approve now. It’s very better. I got lot of problem about English now I’m feel better. I speak or read or write English no problem. So I continue to learn English for Scalabrini next year. Thank you very much my teacher Bordeaux, Melanie and Daniela for your English course to Cape Town.

I’m proud for that I’m working now very good about your English course. Everyday I usually told my Boss very good, I don’t have the difficulty like before.

It’s will very better now I know lot of things about English course. Many people they aren’t know Everyday Jobs, Comparatives, Adjectives and Verbs, Present Perfect, Passe Participle, and Present Simple. Other foreign people they aren’t like learn English, so if you must learn English you must speak write or read. So if you learn English you have many opportunity. Then my family are come the first they are learn English to Scalabrini.

I’m glad this opportunity because I learn English free no pay money. Last time, English it was dream for my, I was very sad about that.

Now I’m very happy I listen news on the TV. Congratulation, thank you very much I still enjoy English for every day.

Thank you,


-Fostin Muangala, Elementary II student at Scalabrini Centre


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