Somalian poet to perform at Scalabrini!

Come and join us for a free live  peformance by well-known    Somalian  poet, Warsan Shire!
Place: Scalabrini Centre, 47 Commercial St.
Date: Tuesday, 24 November 2009
Time: 11:30am peformance followed by
facilitated Question & Answer session.
Free entrance!
Please RSVP!
Email Daniela at or call (021) 465-6433.

About Warsan…
Warsan Shire is a London based writer, social commentator and performance poet who has made a name for herself on the artistic activist scene. Her conscious lyrics, incendiary and revolutionary poetry put her in a league of her own. Originally Somali, Warsan stresses the fact that she hails from a nation of poets, recounting how even the soldiers recite poetry (gabay) before they go to war, but the younger generation have forgotten how to use their tongues.
“I really do feel like this is my way of creating some kind of change, whether it be within me or within others. When people do not have a voice, it can become an ugly thing. My writing is as close to freedom as I can actually get which is why I will say the things people shy away from.”
Highlights of her career have been her performance on the “Dangerous Ideas” Tour alongside American based Amir Sulaiman, the renowned HBO poet and activist. The tour spread through Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and London, inspiring young people to become agents of positive change in their communities.
To read more of Warsan’s work, visit


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