Denilson shares his thoughts

My name’s Denilson Gola and I’m 21 yearsold,I live in Kraaifontein fifty avenue 182 belmont park 7570 here in Cape Town.
I am from Angola and I live here with my two sisters,two nephews and one niece,most of them are in Angola.
I very happy to study at scalabrini centre becouse all of you are very friendly, I like how people work in this centre it’s nice please don’t stop working like thisbecouse it’s going to help many people live in this country that they don’t have nothing to do becouse of they don’t speak english very wel.In my opinion scalabrini centre of Cape Town is the best centre that I know in Cape Town. Im great for that I’ll miss the centre  when I’m leaving.I’m not yet at university but I’m studying english.When I finish my english course I’m going to CPUT study Mechanical engineering.
Im going to tell a little bit about my life.When I was in my country ten months ago I was finish my metric.We speak portuguese,when I was growing up I spoke with my father that whe I finish my metric I’d like to study in country where people speak english,that’s I’m here in South Africa.
-Denilson Gola, Pre-Intermediate II student at Scalabrini Centre.


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