Volunteer Story

lisaMy name is Lisa, I am 24 years old and I am studying in Germany to become a teacher. In my last year of university I took a break to go to South Africa and work as a volunteer. Through the organisation “Atlantic Volunteers” I got a placement in Lawrence House. I started my work there in September 2008. Before I started my work I didn’t know a lot about the house, the children and their way of living. So I was very excited. From my very first day on I felt truly welcomed in Lawrence House. The stuff as well as the children showed me the house and told me how they spend their days. My main task was to help the smaller children with their homework. As I am becoming a teacher it was really interesting for me to see how school works in South Africa. Through this work I got to know the children better and started to build a relation to them. In the first few weeks I mostly spend time with the smaller ones. On Fridays there was no homework so I could spend some free time with the children. Fridays were my favourite days. I always tried to plan something what I could do with them like baking, playing games, handicrafts or take them out. The Fridays were also a chance for me to get to know the bigger boys and girls. Some of them really were looking for some time with me just to hang around and talk about their lives, school or future plans. I really enjoyed spending time with them. The fact that I stayed in Lawrence House for almost 9 months made it possible for me to really get to know all of them. I am very happy that I spend that much time there because I had so many nice moments with the kids and youths. Now that I am back in Germany I really miss all of them and I just can’t wait to come back to spend some more nice time.


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