Grazie Fausto!

lh_fausto Last week a bakkie full of boxes arrived in Lawrence House… When the children opened some of them, they were so happy… lots of biscuits, Italian cakes, chocolate… what a sweet surprise! This wonderful present came from somebody very far from us, but very close at the same time. We are talking about the Casali group! Casali is an international leader in the production of waterproofing membranes for the building trade and in modern solutions for sports systems. In December 2007 the Casali Group started supporting Lawrence House and from there also got to know the children little by little. Last year we sent a personal profile with a picture of each child out to them so that the people working at Casali could actually see who they are helping. Now it was their turn to introduce themselves. We received a video in which the Casali Group presented the factory and the staff members… and finally we could see Mr. Fausto, the Director! He would like to know more about us … but he challenges us… he would like to hear the children speaking Italian and in Italian tell their stories… This is a big challenge! We really appreciate what the Casali group does for Lawrence House and we hope that our friendship will continue growing.

Thank you Mr. Fausto!


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