Some people don’t seem to understand

Refugees are human beings,

With different languages and lands

We travel from far away

 To seek safety

Because of war and violence that leads us astray.

I don’t understand why people are so cruel.

Wake up! We are Africans!

Don’t let the past repeat itself and rule.

In our hearts there’s so much pain,

Leaving and loosing loved ones behind.

Though relieved to be away from the cane

At times a simple smile is all we need

Making us feel at home,

Because Africa is our home too indeed

Human rights are refugee rights.

Makwerekele is not the way to be welcomed.

We aren’t here looking for fights.

To survive we struggle.

Refugees are hard workers,

We search for what we need in this jungle.

All we really need is love and acceptance,

From you all.

Not cruelty, jealousy and ignorance.

Love one another as written in the scriptures.

Only the Creator may judge,

Though He doesn’t, accept the mixture.

Therefore understand the information,

Before ruining and destroying it.

Open your heart and nurture his creation.

by Yolanda Mendosa who lives at Lawrence House


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