Ukukhanye Kwetemba

logo (Sunshine of Hope) is a new arm of the Welcoming Programme which sees the services of two psychological counselors offering COUNSELING SERVICESto our clients.  Specifically they run the following programmes:
HIV Testing and Counseling is administered once a month at the centre to our Welcoming Programme clients.  Our counselors work in partnership with the Spencer Road Clinic.

Counseling and trauma counseling is available to all refugees and local clients who come to the centre. The trauma counselor utilise specialized techniques to identify and work through the emotions that have been internalized from the event or events they have gone through. They help those that are suffering from a variety of conditions and are in need of counseling. They work with the refugees to help to assist them in redeveloping new coping mechanisms and strategies to overcome the state they are in, because of the failed coping mechanisms they have been employing.
The counselors will be running workshops to improve parenting skills and abilities, with the aim to create greater awareness of children’s needs, and improve the ability of parents to raise children in South Africa. Using the National Parenting Programme designed by the Department of Social Development, in collaboration with UNICEF, the counselors train facilitators (In con-junction with CWD) to run workshops with the parents of young children, as this programme is designed for the Early Childhood Development (ECD – 0 – 5years) phase.


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