DSC00880Our new All Round Volunteer Karen from the US is presently busy helping our Employment Help Desk run smoothly until the arrival of our two new EHD volunteers Megan and Philip on the 02. and 05. of June.

Besides that she is  ready to stand in in case an English teacher can’t make his or her class, assists with the clothes distribution on Wednesdays during the Welcoming Program, will design the flyers for the newly reopened SETHU sewing project, helps us update our database and has many other tasks waiting for her 🙂

Here’s what Karen says about herself:

I’m a student at the University of Central Arkansas (UCA) in the United States. I’m studying degrees in both Sociology and International Studies. I have a passion for human rights, as well as a love for traveling and have lived in the Philippines, Japan, and various areas of the US. My other interests include reading, cooking, cultures, and outdoor activities. I’ve been at Scalabrini since the beginning of May and will be here until the end of July. Afterwards, I plan on finishing my last year at UCA then going on to graduate school somewhere for a Master’s degree in Human Rights. My favorite part about Scalabrini is the opportunity to work at Lawrence House because the kids have taught me more than I could learn at university or elsewhere.


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