Ale’s House’ Wishlist

Not much longer and our teenage boys from Lawrence House will move into their new home. Much is needed to make the house a real home. If you would like to support us please have a look at our wishlist:


      • Electrical stove;
      • Pans and pots;
      • Plates, bowls and cups (for 10 people);
      • Cutlery (for 10 people);
      • Toaster and kettle;
      • Microwave;
      • Brooms, scoops, mops and buckets;
      • Tablecloths and dishcloths;
      • Table (8-10 people) + chairs;
      • Washing-powder and softener;
      • Food: backed beans, tuna (in vegetable oil), tomatoes&onions (cans), tomato-paste and peas in brine (cans); pasta and rice, oil; salt; long-life milk, corn-flakes, tomato-sauce and majo; dry-beans; flour; oats and porridge; tea; sugar; creamer (cremora) and coffee; fish-fingers and viennas; jam and peanut-butter…
      • Dishwasher and sponges.


      • 2 bunk beds + 2 single beds;
      • 6 mattresses + pillows and duvet;
      • Linens (sheets, duvet-covers, pillowcases x 6 beds);
      • 6 big towels and face-cloths;
      • 6 big flat plastic containers/boxes;
      • 2 desks (normal size);
      • 2 chairs;
      • 2 lamps;
      • Toiletries: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, Vaseline, lotion, sprays and roll-on, brushes and combs, shoe polish…


      • 2 couches;
      • 2 shelves;
      • 1 cordless phone;
      • 1 tv + antenna;
      • Dvd player;
      • 1 computer;
      • Printer and cartridges;
      • Posters or drawings with frames;
      • 1 floor-lamp;

      Thank you!!

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