bordeauxDespite my very French name I am pretty much 100% South Africa, one
of the few at Scalabrini! I recently moved back to South Africa after
spending most of the past nine years living and traveling in various
parts of Asia where I did a lot of teaching and some freelance
writing. When I moved back a friend told me about Scalabrini and
their volunteer English teaching program, as I had a fair amount of
free time on my hands I decided to contact Melanie over here and
offer some of it to the organization. I was for some reason under the
impression that I’d be teaching elementary school students, which is
what I was used to. I was therefore rather intimidated by the idea
of teaching adults and almost pulled out of the commitment I made to

About 10 minutes into my first class I discovered that my fears about
teaching these students from the DRC, Sudan, Burundi and Tanzania was
completely unfounded and I quickly became very comfortable with and
attached to my group of students. We’re not a very big class and most
of us have had some sadness in our past, but it is a class with a
very positive attitude towards life and learning. I look forward to
my twice weekly class now, to hearing about there lives, answering
questions, teaching and enjoying the positive learning environment at


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