antonia For the first weeks Scalabrini kept Antonia from Austria too busy to introduce herself personally, but finally she has managed to find a bit of time! Here is what she has to say:

How I became a Volunteer:
Since a very long time I had the feeling, that I needed a change in my life
and that I want to experience something new. Somehow South Africa impressed
me, the special history, the different cultures, landscapes and people … So
I started to collect more and more information and soon I found myself
filling in some registration forms.

Not just the country, also the organisation Scalabrini gave me more than I
expected to get. It is a place where you get the feeling that your help is
really needed. Even if my work here is something very different from my
usual work in tourism, I really like it. I am working at the “Employment
Helpdesk” so I help people with typing CVs and Cover Letters, sending faxes
and I am always there to listen to stories about their life.

Assisting so many different people and working together with interesting
people makes the job so fascinating to me. Having the chance to get to know
so many new faces is a real present for me. Also I improved my knowledge
about NGO`s and refugees around the world and I think I also grew

And we say: please never leave us, Antonia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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