APPEAL to the good Samaritans out there

by Barbara Ngodwana

Guys….listen to this.  Its Friday… the temperatures in the mother city are soaring.  She is brewing some blistering cold winds and the flu bug has caught up with a lot of folks out here.  People are coughing and splattering.  Infections are spreading high in the air and one has to wonder and think about the people who are less fortunate than us… People… we are talking about the most vulnerable group.  This group of people has no access to a lot of material things we take for granted.  They need blankets, Jerseys, woolly hats, gloves (to mention a few) in order to fight the harsh cold winter of Cape Town.  With that in mind, we lobby to every Samaritan out there to come and give a donation. Can you believe that there thousands of unaccompanied refugee minors who are patrolling the cold harsh street of Cape Town at night.  These kids once had a place of safety… a place they called home… but due to the atrocities which occurred in their countries they were forced to flee and found refuge in neighbouring countries.  Inclusive, we are not only talking about refugee minors, but adults are included.  Guys… this is such a sad ending to a story which began with a little happiness.  There so much we could do as NGO’s lobbying for the rights and responsibilities of refugees.  It proves difficulty every now and again to find a solid solution which could seal and protect this minority group.  As an NGO, we however try on a daily basis to assist with the need of each individual who enters the doors of the Scalabrini Centre….Guys…there is always a good Samaritan in all of us………


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