anthony1I joined SCCT in February this year, to work as a 6 month Full-time Trauma Counsellor Intern. I had already had two months to prepare myself for working with Refugees. This I had done through reading, and trying to learn what I could about what is happening to Migrants here in South Africa. Truth be told, it wasn’t enough! I have learnt far more while being here, than I ever could have imagined. The resilience of the human spirit is something I have admired as a person, and as a Psychotherapist. To talk to these people, to listen to them – they have such stories that could make you weep, yet the have a spirit that makes your heart soar. Where else could you meet people, who have suffered the indignities, the removal of almost all their rights from them, stripped to their core – and yet, here they are in SA, fighting. Fighting for a life, away from the traumatic environment at home. And here, what do we offer them in SA? Hopefully, far better, but in reality, further degredation. It is why I am so grateful to be a part of SCCT. To find a way for people to overcome all that has happened, to be able to cope with what they are still going through. The words that come to me are:
Africa, my Africa
I weep to hear your stories
I bleed for your children
Africa, my africa
Listen to their souls
Listen to their Stories
Africa, my Africa
Embrace them
Love them
Africa, my Africa
Bring peace to their souls!

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