New Intern Profile – Pippa Mulvey


Hi everyone, my name is Pippa and I’ll be an Advocacy Intern at Scalabrini until the end of September. I’m from the UK and have spent the last few years living in Edinburgh. After studying International Relations at university I spent some time in Cape Town volunteering with asylum seekers and refugees. This experience and a subsequent internship in Ghana definitely helped me decide that I wanted to work in the field of development and pushed me towards doing a masters in Africa and International Development. During my masters I was lucky enough to get funding to return to Ghana to conduct research on vulnerable female migrants living in an informal settlement in Accra.
I’m so excited to be back in Cape Town and to learn more about South Africa’s refugee policy. I have been interning at Scalabrini now for six weeks and I’m already loving it.

New Intern Profile – Mathilda Mallinson


My name is Mathilda and I have recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA in history. The focus of my final dissertation was Zulu history and identity and the impressions of colonialism, which initiated my interest in South Africa as a country. I’m known to have itchy feet and hope to live in many places across the world, but Cape Town is my first move out of the UK! I am keen to work in humanitarian development, particularly in education, and Scalabrini stood out to me as an organisation that effectively addresses some of the most prominent issues of our day, namely the displacement of and estrangement between peoples. Besides history, I have experience working in theatre and studying art, and am interested in the application of art, movement and theatre constructively in social welfare and cultural interaction. Such work is among the many projects run by Scalabrini that attracted me to volunteer here, an establishment from which I’m sure I can learn as much as I can contribute.

New Intern Profile – Aleyda Bakir


Hi! My name is Aleyda and I will carry on my internship until the end of July 2017. I have been in Cape Town a year ago for holiday and could not leave it with that, so I made my decision to leave my comfort zone and come back for a longer time. I come from Switzerland (German part) and used to work in the financial industry. Besides my full-time job I did a few voluntary work in different organisations, which also includes voluntary with refugees and asylum seekers in Switzerland. I am known as a very diverse person, who loves different cultures and talking to people with various backgrounds. I am keen on reading books and strongly interested in international politics and different languages. I am impressed by Africas diverse culture, ethnical groups, 11 official languages and many other things – I am overwhelmed about the Rainbow Nation

New Intern Profile – Violet Tratchenberg


Violet has an undergraduate degree from Stanford University in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, and wrote her honors thesis about White teachers’ racial consciousness development. She is passionate about teaching, education equity, and community organizing for social justice. In 2015, she studied abroad in Cape Town and interned at COSAT High School in Khayelitsha. She has also taught with the Breakthrough Collaborative in San Francisco, and in public schools in Santiago, Chile and Las Tablas Abajo, Panama. Violet is from Portland, Oregon in the United States, and is a competitive slam poet.

She is volunteer in the English School of Scalabrini Centre.

New Intern Profile – Julia Munroe

juliaHi, I’m Julia. I’m a Capetonian but would love to have the opportunity to live many places in the world! I completed my undergrad in social anthropology and international relations at UCT, with an amazing semester abroad at the University of Amsterdam in my second year. I went on to do my Honours in anthropology, with interests in reproductive health rights and medical anthropology.

For my dissertation, I worked with an NGO that distributes washable sanitary pads to marginalised school girls, looking at notions of ‘dignity’ and gendered citizenship, and how these are understood (sometimes differently) by the school girls and those running the intervention. I’m passionate about education and gender issues and strive to live in a more equal, empathetic and accepting world. Currently I’m interning for 6 months with the Women’s Platform. My work involves assisting with the Personal Development programmes, facilitating computer literacy courses, teaching an English class and co-ordinating a theatre project. Working at Scalabrini has been challenging, humbling and amazing and I feel honoured to be working in a space with such passionate people.

New Intern Profile – Ruth Brain


Hello! My name is Ruth and I am a new Employment Access Programme (EAP) at Scalabrini. I am from Cape Town and recently graduated from the University of Cape Town with Honours in Justice and Transformation, a politics specialisation. I did my undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy, Economics and Business French and I am passionate about realising justice, in its multiple forms in Southern Africa.

Some of my fields of interest are conflict in sub-Saharan Africa, organized crime and non-state violence, transitional justice, development and inclusive urban spaces. I did my dissertation on using transport to promote social inclusion in Global South cities – inclusion and integration are particular interests of mine!

And so here I am interning at Scalabrini for 3 months – while deliberating over whether or not to do my Masters in Migration next year. When I’m not at work, I enjoy hiking, swimming in the sea and eating ice cream 🙂

New Intern Profile – Natali Kurmaz

natali-kurmaz-profileBorn and raised in Russia until I was 9, my mother decided to take me and my two brothers to Germany in order to pursue a better educational career than it was possible for us in Russia. ’My kids are too clever for this!’ she said. Her plan worked out. I completed my metric and nearly my Bachelor’s degree in ‘Intercultural Communications’ in “good old Germany” as German citizens like to call it. My veins, on the contrary are still filled with pure Russian blood!

Before heading off to varsity, I wanted to see something of the great wide world. I wanted to work with children, live under the sun and be far away from Germany. In 2013, God sent me to South Africa, to work in a children’s home in jazzy Johannesburg. And this for a whole year! I found a new home in SA and knew I’d always come back which I did only 2 years later.  But this wasn’t enough. In 2016 I decided to spend my obligatory semester abroad in SA again and so I moved to Stellenbosch. To bridge the time after completing the semester I thought I’d gain some work experience in the field I see myself working in after I complete my studies. Luckily Scalabrini exists and luckily they liked me! After this internship I need to finish my studies in Germany and start looking for a job. I don’t know where I’m going to be in a year or what I am going to be doing. But I like that idea. All I know is: SA, you will have me back soon!

New Intern Profile- Giulia Ferrari

1782362_756373541125484_8562019146636024621_oHi everyone!
My name is Giulia, I am a world citizen, I do not believe in boarders but in people. I am interested in discovering countries around the world, particularly in Africa, I am studying African studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany, and since the end of January I have been an advocacy intern here at Scalabrini.

After my first intense experience with sub-Saharan migrants and asylum seekers in Morocco where I advocated for the right to health, I was looking for something similar but broader. The advocacy Programme at the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town was the perfect option because of the people’s engagement and visible efforts and efficiency to guarantee asylum seekers and refugees’ rights and services through an array of Programmes.

My personal experiences brought me in touch with different realities and I understood the importance of access to rights, the role that the States and NGOs play. I am still discovering these connections and it is extremely interesting, South Africa is surely one of the best place where to do it!

New Intern Profile – Tiziana Sforza


Ciao! My name is Tiziana and I was born in the South of Italy. I have now been living in Rome for 16 years.
I studied Political Science and I have got a specialisation course in Corporate Social Responsibility. I am journalist, blogger and corporate storyteller. I have been working as a communication manager in a multinational company for 10 years, managing all kinds of communications as well as the Italian programme of my company Foundation.

Last year, I went on the Route of Santiago de Campostela and grew aware that I needed something different to make my life more enjoyable and fulfilling. That’s when I decided to take a sabbatical for three months! I started my internship at the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town (SCCP) in February 2017 to support communication activities. I’ll be there until May 2017. This is a kind of turning point in my life: I am very happy to spend my time here and to dedicate my energies to SCCP’s causes!

I love traveling around the world, learning about and confronting with different cultures, I like to trek, take long walks, write my blog and read novels. In Italy, I volunteer for several non-governmental organizations because I strongly believe in the value of sharing my knowledge and competencies for the common good.






New Intern Profile – Caterina Amanda Luise


Hi everyone! My name is Caterina, but everybody knows me as Amanda. I started carrying out an internship at Scalabrini in November 2016 and will be here until May 2017.  I am originally from Brazil although I was raised in Italy. After studying my bachelor’s in northern Italy, I pursued my master’s studies in Denmark, eventually graduating in Development and International Relations, with focus on Global Gender Studies. People define me as a traveler, I prefer to say I am a global citizen. I am in love with Latin America, having visited and lived in most countries of South America. It is not my first visit to Africa, but it is my very first time living in an African country. Here at Scalabrini I am working for the Women’s Development Platform, mainly for the business development branch. Generally speaking, I am a really enthusiastic and outgoing person who cherishes nature and all forms of art. I really hope this time in South Africa will help me develop my persona even more!