New Intern Profile – Bart Rodenberg


Hi, I am Bart Jan and I just started here at Scalabrini at the EAP program. I was born in Houston, Texas, USA but spent most of my childhood in the Netherlands, having Dutch parents. I studied at the University of Maastrichts where I obtained a Masters degree in International Business.  After the completion of my degree I went on to study Spanish in Buenos Aires.

Returning to the Netherlands I started my professional career at Young Colfied, a 2 year management traineeship program for graduates where I worked as a consultant for several companies in the Netherlands. After completing that program I started to work at CEVA Logistics, one of the biggest global logistics companies. I’ve had held several project and program oriented roles at CEVA and I’m currently taking a sabbatical from my job to work at Scalabrini as an EAP intern. I’m very much looking forward to work (and have fun) with all of you!

New Intern Profile –Maxime Bourqui



Hi, my name is Maxime, I am 23 years old and I come from Switzerland. I have freshly graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Geneva.

During my studies I learned much from a theoretical point of view on different causes of migration and problems migrants face in their integration process into a new society. Liking challenges that benefit not only me but also others I founded an NGO (Association SUD) to promote education in Senegal. Within this project, I got the opportunity to learn to carry out a project to all its aspects such as identify the needs of populations, establish goals and financial plan, raise funds, establish a relationship between the different teams between Switzerland and Senegal , negotiate with Local Authorities and ensure the sustainability of the project. This experience allowed me to see how essential it is to acquire real skills in order not only to have, but also to achieve objectives as altruistic as they can be.

Dealing with the complexity of refugees and migrant situations and providing effectively support belongs to a serious challenge which I am ready to take part. This is why I now am joining the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town as an intern in the Women’s Platform. I am glad to learn skills and to work with people who I am sure will teach me even more than I can learn.

New Intern Profile- Ruvimbo Tenga


Meet Ruvimbo Tenga, the new Human Rights LGBTI Intern. Ruvimbo has previously worked as Western Media Liaison and Lobbyist for Sweat/Sisonke. She joins the Scalabrini team to work closely with Neil, our Human Rights Officer, both passionate about human rights. She is a black feminist, and she has spoken widely and presented issues related to key populations and challenging stereotypes. She is one of the founders of the Asijiki Coalition and is also a rotating member of the Hate Crimes Working Group. Ruvimbo loves meeting people, travelling and reading, learning about new cultures, and sharing knowledge. She is involved in Scalabrini’s “Let’s face it” campaign, and if you see her around, feel free to ask her anything about human rights!

New Intern Profile – Akhona Madikane


Hi I’m Akhona, I am a very spontaneous person, I try and maintain a good attitude every day because I believe if I have a positive attitude all other great things will follow. I grew up in various parts of South Africa therefore I have had a fair deal of engaging with different types of people and that saw me eager to work with people on day to day basis. Being part of an organization such as Scalabrini as an intern gives me a great opportunity to work with people and learn from them which will broaden my knowledge of how to work with people. I look forward on working for the organization and hope to enjoy my time with Scalabrini.

New Intern Profile – Gertrude Balep


Hello, I am Gertrude from Cameroon, a new All-Rounder intern at Scalabrini. l have a bachelor degree in Business Administration and am enrolled in business courses at Cape Town Varsity. I am here to help refugees to integrate and live in South Africa, to show them their rights as foreigners but also as humans. I love travelling and discovering the world, and different challenges and good food too! I like helping people and I dream of opening a Community Centre to help mothers and children in a foreign land, and to be a great business woman. I enjoy being here at Scalabrini, I am lucky to be part of this project, to fight for what is right and to learn new skills, cultures, and to share different kinds of knowledge.

New Intern Profile – Melanie Govinda

Melanie was born in Germany and is one of the newest volunteers at Scalabrini. After her formation as a dental assistant, she started studying French, Philosophy and Ethics in order to become a teacher. Over the past few years she lived in Germany and in France. She was teaching her subjects as well as German while finishing her Bachelor of Arts in Education. In March 2015 she moved to Johannesburg where she finished her Master of Education. After moving to Cape Town in October 2015 she has now become an All-Rounder volunteer at Scalabrini and also teaches in the English School.

New Intern Profile – Olivia Doyle-Franklin


Hi my name is Olivia and I am the newest EAP intern here at Scalabrini. I am 19 years old and in my third year of a Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Psychology and Sociology and minoring in Anthropology. Although I have lived in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, I call New Zealand home. Everybody who knows me well enough would be able to tell you how strong minded I am when it comes to issues of human rights and how humanitarian work has always been an ambition of mine. As I followed the recent refugee crisis in Europe, the world’s various immigration systems and many of the attitudes and reactions that came from it, this ambition grew. I have loved every second of the short time I have spent at Scalabrini and look forward to the next few months here. I count myself lucky to be able to work alongside such passionate and driven people and to be a part of the strong EAP team. I am constantly being inspired by the clients who take part in our workshops. Despite all the challenges they have had to overcome, they remain motivated and determined to improve their situation. Thanks so much for having me Scalabrini!

Film screening on Friday!


Scalabrini is glad to announce that we will be showing a very special documentary this Friday, the award winning ‘God Loves Uganda’.  The event is organised in collaboration with The triangle Project and PASSOP and is part of Cape Town’s Alternative Inclusive Pride programme.  Here’s a link to the trailer..

We will also be giving a sneak preview of our forthcoming ‘Let’s Face it – LGBTI Rights ARE Human Rights’ Campaign.

Why not pop along?  It’s FREE.

New Intern Profile – Ben-Joop Venter


Hi, my name is Ben-Joop Venter and I was born in Pretoria, South Africa, and lived in the United States of America from 2001. Graduating with a BA in International Relations from the University of South Florida, I have a general interest in international relations and human rights. I sought out the Scalabrini Centre with the intention of gaining practical experience with a local NGO, and will be joining the Advocacy team as in intern until July. With the Advocacy team, I will assist in advising refugees and asylum seekers as they work through the Department of Home Affairs immigration system, and help them in realizing their rights. My experiences with the Scalabrini Centre and the Advocacy team will familiarize me with the inner workings of an NGO, and introduce me to the litany of issues that push people to seek asylum in South Africa, and the obstacles they face during the process.

If the first two weeks serve any indication I will learn a lot during my time here with the Advocacy team.

New Intern Profile – Leona Petereit


Hello beautiful souls,

I am Leona from Germany. I will be working as an all-rounder and supporting the annual census at Scalabrini for the month of February. I love to travel and meeting new people. After my last trip to Asia I realised I don’t want to work in the moneymaking world of media anymore. I wanted to do something meaningful and have an impact, that’s why I started working with different NGOs in Berlin. But after two years of work I still felt like I wanted to learn more about the world we are living in. That’s why I quit my job and left again. I will travel and volunteer around the world to understand the problems and issues of different cultures and how they deal with them. South Africa is such a beautiful and diverse country with a lot of potential. I am really impressed by all the amazing people and projects at Scalabrini Centre and I hope I can contribute to them.