New Intern Profile – Chantel Pheiffer


My name is Chantel Pheiffer. I am a native of South Africa but I have been living and attending school in the United States for the past 14 years. I am currently a Sociology PhD student at Brown University where my research focuses on migration, urbanization, and development. I am spending several weeks at the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town as a volunteer at the Employment Help Desk assisting clients with writing CVs, applying for work, and teaching digital literacy (basic computer skills). I am learning about the challenges migrants and refugees face in applying for work and how a civil society organization such as the Scalabrini Centre assists clients in meeting their needs. In my free time I enjoy hiking, running, reading, and learning about Cape Town’s craft beer scene.

New Intern Profile – Melissa Miletic


Hi! My name is Melissa and I am an English School intern at the Scalabrini Centre. I was born and raised in Miami, FL and currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from the University of South Florida with degrees in International Studies and Communication and am currently obtaining a master’s at New York University in International Education.

After studying classroom curriculum and experimenting with pedagogical methods of teaching conversational English in international settings, I wanted to gain a hands-on approach to understanding the realities of how migrants and refugees can utilize language education for sustainable socioeconomic integration in the African context. I am thrilled to be a part of the Scalabrini team and lucky to have this incredibly rewarding opportunity. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking/baking, yoga, digital/analog photography, being outdoors and generally exploring whatever environment I find myself in. Cape Town is a culturally rich city that whose music, landscape, people, and food I adore!

New Intern Profile – Benedetta Tomassetti

BenedettaHello! My name is Benedetta, I am the new all-arounder intern at Scalabrini Centre. I was born in Italy. I am a 27-year-old student of a Master Degree in Global Marketing, with a Bachelor Degree in Political Sciences and an Honoured Degree in International Sciences with a focus on Human Rights. This is my third time in Cape Town (and the second as volunteer) and I really love this city: the people, the atmosphere and its fantastic landscape. The title of my Honoured Degree thesis was “Hostility and Violence against black foreigners in South Africa: A New Apartheid?” and I have always been interested in the dynamics of migration in South Africa, in the problems and challenges that migrants have to face and more in general in Human Rights issues. I will stay in Cape Town for 1 year and I will do my best to do a good job!

I want to say thank you to the Scalabrini Centre because of the chance to do this experience and for the warm welcome that made me feel at home.

New Intern Profile – Christina Burchia



My name is Christina, I am from Italy and I am the new intern at Scalabrini’s Employment Help Desk. I study international Relations and Human Rights in Amsterdam and spent the last months as an exchange student at Stellenbosch University.  I am very happy about the opportunity to intern at this amazing NGO, to explore Cape Town and get to know many inspiring individuals. This past week I already gained extensive knowledge about how to best assist individuals in their search of jobs or how to teach the computer workshop. I look forward to help our clients in the best way I can and future challenges. I am more than excited about the coming weeks!

Best wishes, Christina

Tshisa Solar Project

The Scalabrini Centre is excited to be working with Tshisa Solar to provide members of the Scalabrini Centre’s Women’s Platform an alternative, low-cost method for heating water.


The Tshisa Box is a unique and durable product which allows the user to harness sunshine to make 10 litres of hot water a day. By filling the Tshisa box with regular tap water and then placing the box in the sun for 4 – 5 hours the box will produce hot water which can be used for bathing, washing, and even drinking.

Tshisa Box

15 participants received the Tshisa box as part of an agreement to conduct market research for the product. Over the course of four months, the participants will put the Tshisa box to use to see how it can benefit them.

Stay tuned to find out more about the successes of the Tshisa Solar Project, and check out to learn more.


New Intern Profile – Ndjiapanda Mombodele


Hey, I am Ndjiapanda from DRC. I am the new All-arounder  intern at scalabrini centre of Cape Town. Working  for a NGO is a great opportunity for me.

As a refugee myself in South Africa to work for refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants in general is always a pleasure because I know what it is myself. Being in service of the most vulnerable people in the world is my pleasure and that reminded me when I was interpreting for asylum seekers for them to get Refugee status at Home Affairs and I can feel again that sensation at scalabrini centre of Cape Town.

New Intern Profile – Julia Schneider Ignacio


Hi! My name is Julia, I am the new all-arounder intern at Scalabrini Centre. I was born and raised in Brazil, but for the last two years I have been living in France pursuing my studies in International Relations and Humanitarian Action.

I have always wanted to work in a NGO and I feel so grateful that I finally get this opportunity. It has only been a week since I started working here but I already feel so welcomed. As an all-arounder I get the chance to work in all areas of Scalabrini. This is a great way to learn how a NGO works as well as meeting everyone.

Living in Cape Town is very exciting. There is a lot to see and there are people from all over the world. I love living in such a vivid multicultural city. I can’t wait to see what the next months will bring me here at Scalabrini, but I am sure it will be a very rewarding experience.