The Scalabrini Centre, in conjunction with Amnesty International, is proud to present to you the trailer for our documentary film, “From the Same Soil”. The documentary film is soon to be released. The film, which takes a stunningly personal look into the lives of LGBTI refugees in South Africa, is the first character driven film made in South Africa about LGBTI refugees.

The film portrays the lives of two gay men and one trans woman who left their home countries because of discrimination and persecution. While in South Africa they applied for refugee status on the base of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity.

Despite the fact that in South Africa both national laws and international human rights law protect LGBTI individuals against any form of discrimination, Flavina, Musa and Junior have encountered several challenges in their new communities. 

From the Same Soil is an emotional personal journey that shows how stigmatisation, persecution and violence have turned the characters into human rights activists.

Watch the trailer on Youtube:http://bit.ly/1iLKq1h


Fatou PictureMy name is Fatou Drame. I am from Paris, France, where I am a third year business student at Pole Universitaire Leonard de Vinci. I will be working as one of the interns in the Employment Access Programme for the next 4 months. I decided to work at Scalabrini because I really wanted to help people as well as gain crucial work experience as part of my studies. Initially, I was overwhelmed by the number of people who come to Scalabrini and how great their need was, but I am beginning to feel comfortable in my position and look forward to helping as much as I can. I am really looking forward to my time at Scalabrini as well as my time in Cape Town!


IMG_9793I began working at Scalabrini Centre in December and have had an amazing experience. As part of my studies in social work, I applied as an All Rounder intern to gain insight and knowledge in various aspects of the centre. In addition to covering reception, my first major task was to transcribe an English mini-book so English students can further their learning at home. Subsequently, with the help of colleagues and students of the English School, Eva and I recorded a CD for Jean’s new English Curriculum “English in SA- Asylum Seekers and Refugees Manual”.

In January, I joined the Employment Access Program because they were short-handed. It has been such a great experience! I worked on the Employment Help Desk. At the desk, I helped clients create and update CVs and fill out applications.

Once clients have registered and made a CV, they have access to the rest of EAP’s resources and services. They can send job-related faxes and emails, use the phone to inquire about job openings or set up interviews, and use the PC laboratory to search for jobs on their own. I loved working at the Employment Help Desk because I enjoyed interacting with and helping all the different and lovely clients and I enjoyed feeling like an integral part of the Scalabrini team.

I learned a lot during my time at Scalabrini. I am not a native English speaker and my internship at the centre helped me improve my English skills drastically. Along with improving my English, I also gained a lot of insight into the field of migration and refugee issues. I believe my work at the EHD helped clients develop their career and further integrate into South African society. While the work was difficult, seeing clients get interviews and jobs made all the hard work worth it.

I am going to miss working at Scalabrini and I will remember and grow from my experiences working here. My internship greatly enhanced my studies and I am extremely grateful for my time here.

Unite as One Youth Camp

Unite as One has just completed its first ever youth camp! The camp was run for Vista High’s Grade 12 classes on 19-21 March at the Rotary facility in Glencairn. 52 learners participated. The first day of the camp included ice breakers around diversity, partner acrobatics led by camp emcee Danya Davis, poetry with Khadija and Sithembile, art with Sophie, a documentary film screening with Elaine from STEPS and singing around the campfire with Elton.

Camp 1

Day two was facilitated by JUMP, an organisation providing experiential education to youth around the world. Activities included group challenges like crossing a dangerous ocean using only paper plates, stacking cups without using one’s hands and staying on a rapidly shrinking island. JUMP also introduced models around recognizing and adjusting one’s mindset, reflection on activities that keep us in/take us out of our comfort zone, different practices of leadership and offered additional experiences like diversity circle, brainstorming around what inspires us, a group drawing activity and appreciation practices.

Camp 2

The third day included Equal Education leading a role play on how to organize for change within one’s school and community, final appreciations and a closing circle reflecting on what everyone had gained from the camp experience.

A huge THANK YOU to all the facilitators, Vista High teachers and parents who provided the delicious food and were a constant support, and to the learners themselves for making the camp such a transformative and enjoyable experience for all.

camp 3

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ClementMy name is Clement Villiere and I am from Paris, France. I am currently studying international relations and politics at Hautes Etudes Internationales – Hautes Etudes Politiques in Paris. As part of my studies, I am interning in the advocacy department of Scalabrini for 6 months. I am very excited for the opportunity to gain experience working abroad and learning more about refugee issues in South Africa. My first impression is that it is much too difficult for asylum seekers to get a permit and the entire process is unnecessarily complicated. I am very much looking forward to exploring Cape Town and gaining first-hand knowledge of refugee rights while working at Scalabrini.